Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cosmo Cricket ''Wanted''

Hello, everybody!
It is hot every day. 。 As for me, lack of sleep continues at a thing and the time of here, and physical condition is too bad.
It seems to be stayed up all night today.
The voice becomes painful, too and is somewhat dangerous.

I use Togetherness and Wanted.

Title: watching(12×12)
Supplie: **Togetherness**

Title: life (12×12)

The line of this place was replaced with a new one and appeared again.
It seems to be the series that sold among Cosmo in anything most.
I love this, too! !


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cosmo Cricket CHA Summer latest layout!

I kept you waiting!
It is a layout using the CHA Summer Cosmo Cricket newline.

At first, a layout using "Togetherness".

When this paper is very pretty and makes it, I want to use all paper.
As a result, I all used it and made a layout.

And this one is Christmas line "Mitten Weather" of this year.

A hue has a cute this Christmas line, too! ! Light purple seems to match a layout with snow very much! !Please in Cosmo Cricket on Christmas of this winter!

Artist' s Garden Place challenge#1

New challenge site "Artist' s Garden Place" which began from this month.
A lot of themes excited at appear.
I serve CT.
I want to enjoy it with all of you.
Thank you very much.

The title of this month:

Color:It is FREE.

Here is mine :

I can't wait for the layout of all!!


scrap×scrap#27 is up!!

This manth's theme :

1. Use your photo with its object not looking at thecamera (ex. back shot, profile)
2.Don't use any FLOWERS
3.Add some thing for your base paper. (mists, stamps,inking)

Here is maine:

I made the scenery of this paper with oneself. And I printed it on pure white plain paper.
And I put a photograph same as a use photograph thinly in the background greatly and printed it.

enjoy it!!

My family moved!

My family moved.
Our new home is the best!
But the rearranging of many loads is great.
The Japanese wears a kimono in an auspicious occasion in Japan.
I have several kimonos, too.
The kimono dries it in the shade in July and January and removes the moisture of clothes.

My house was full of kimonos for a while.